Chemistry Crash Course

Chemistry Crash Course

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Learn More About A Chemistry Topic In 4 Hours Than What Your Child Learnt in School For 1 Month

How The Signature Chemistry Crash Course Can Help Your Child

Jump 3-4 Grades In Chemistry Even IF Your Child Is Struggling in the Subject

Are you a Parent with Secondary 3/4/5 Child taking Chemistry

… and you would like your child to score B3/A2/A1 For Chemistry

… or you are looking for some ‘straight-to-the-point’ Chemistry Crash Course to highlight the most important point in a particular Chemistry topic…

…If what we’ve just described is what you are thinking, you’ve come to the right place.

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Chemistry Crash Course
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Because here at Achievers Dream – The Chemistry Specialist, we have helped over 300+ students from 80+ schools in Singapore and 91.3% of our students in 2016 scored B3, A2 and A1 for ‘O’ level.

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The reason we can do so is because we have CUSTOMISED solutions for the different group of students…

If your child falls into the category of…

Distinction in Chemistry

Your child requires accelerated learning to Achieve distinction in Chemistry. They need to identify the key concepts tested and present it to the Cambridge examiners with the necessary keywords to excel in Chemistry.

Accurate Answering

Your child understands the concept. But they lack the Accurate Answering Technique to score well in the Chemistry. Or worse, their results are always fluctuating like the stock market!

Core Foundation

This pool of students needs serious help in building their CORE Foundation in chemistry as Chemistry is a subject that requires prior understanding of the foundation before they can learn more advanced topics.

But first let me get one thing clear:

You are NEVER under any obligation to buy or do anything, while you’re browsing this site.

Jerald Lie

Dear concerned parents,


I’m Jerald Lie, the Founder of Achievers Dream. Many of you may know me as the tutor/author that started Achievers Dream – the Chemistry Specialist.


Since 2008, I’ve accumulated more than 9 years of tutoring experience and formulated a highly systematic method to help chemistry students to achieve 1 to 6 bands improvement in Chemistry – some EVEN in 2 months or less – using the ‘Accelerated Foundation Method.’

See more students who’ve seen results from Achievers Dream!

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Achievers Dream

With your permission:

Introducing Achievers Dream Signature Chemistry Crash Course…

Let me tell you what your child will receive in the Achievers Dream Signature Chemistry Crash Course

Fun Environment

Highly disciplined but fun environment so that your child can focus on learning Chemistry instead of being distracted by his hand phones (while doing self-study elsewhere)

Chemistry Textbook

Save at least 5 hours of their precious time because they do not have to go through the ‘thick and dull’ Chemistry textbook for the key chemistry concepts that always appear during exams.

Chemistry Students

Proprietary Achievers summarised, FULL COLOUR, NO B.S notes (Not sold in popular bookstores) that can be immediately used to revise and avoid common but deadly mistakes made by 90% of the Chemistry students.

Thinking Questions

Higher-order thinking questions to hone their thinking capacity and expose them to questions by TOP schools. (this alone will help your child to score B or better if they give their best)

Answering Techniques

Accurate answering techniques templates for them to ‘COPY & PASTE’ into their exam papers and see improvements immediately and finally score ‘A’ and ‘B’ for Chemistry.

Clear Doubts

Clarify ALL doubts that they might have because our teachers will stay back and answer their queries before leaving. As a matter of fact, we DON’T end our lessons on time because we want to give your child more help.

Mind Set Practices

Learn the ‘Best-Mind-Set-Practices’ used by ‘A’ Chemistry students and see their results transformed from average to above average and beyond. (Top students will not be happy if your child knows this)

Spotting Questions

Understand the latest trends for End-of-year questions because our teachers will be spotting questions that will ‘HIGHLY LIKELY’ come out for exams.

The Crash Course

Still Wondering if The Crash Course is suitable for your child?

Hear from these ex-students

Huge Improvement
Chemistry Exam
Highest Marks
Achievers Chemistry Course
Achievers Chemistry Crash Course

Here are the details…

Chemistry Crash CourseLocation: 9 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588905
(Along Rifle Range Road to Temasek Club)


* Please note that 100% payment up front is required to confirm your seat. Payment details to follow.

** Students with genuine financial concerns may apply for financial aid. Please feel free to let us know. We have Achievers Dream Scholarship so that We do not have to turn away students who cannot afford our rates.

Now, Click on the button and Fill in your name, Number, Child’s current level & School and our admin will follow-up from there.

Chemistry Course

Click on the button and help your child take his first step towards scoring B3, A2 or even A1 for Chemistry Now.

To Your Child’s Success,
Jerald Lie
Founder, Achievers Dream

P.S If your child is 100% confident of getting an A in the Chemistry, please save your money and divert this resource to other subjects instead.

If not, the Chemistry crash course will benefit your child enormously. With my years of experience in the market, I’ve carefully chosen certain key questions that will ‘HIGHLY LIKELY’ come out for Tests, Mid-Year exams, End-of-year exams or even National exams.

We are so confident about our Chemistry Crash Course such that in the event your child finds it a total waste of his time, we will REFUND 100% of the course fees to you. No questions asked.

What’s even better is your child gets to keep our ‘secret notes’ specially designed by a curriculum team if he finds our Chemistry Crash Course a waste of his time. (We do this because we want to thank you for trying us out)

PPS. If you click submit today, do mention that you learn about the Chemistry Crash Course from this website. When you do so, our staff will include a Special Bonus for your child.

Achievers Dream Signature ‘Accurate Answering Technique’ Report.

This report will help your child identify the common mistakes made and assist them to gain 5-10 marks immediately in the next exam (when applied).

Even if your child decides that the Chemistry Crash Course is not useful, get 100% of your money back, plus you can keep this report as my gift. Just for giving the course a try

You’ve got nothing to lose now. Fill in your details and submit now

Improve in Chemistry

PPPS. BEWARE of Cheap Copycats …