Achievers Dream is the leading O Level Chemistry Tuition specialist in Singapore. We have been helping students for 8 years excel from F9 to A1/A2 in Chemistry, all within the short span of 3-5 months.

Achievers Dream Learning Centre is the Singapore’s ONLY Chemistry Tuition Centre (in Bukit Timah) with the Accelerated Foundation Curriculum™ to Help Chemistry Students to Build Strong Foundation, Gain Mastery & Score Distinction in Chemistry.

95% of Chemistry Students Started D7, E8 & F9

91.3% Scored ‘A’ & ‘B.’

300+ Students From Over 80+ Different Schools

We have formulated the Accelerated Foundation Curriculum™ that has proven to produce results, Even for D7, E8 & F9 students. (Our programme is best for hardworking students – Takes two hands to clap)
We know ‘the way’ to teach Chemistry tuition because we are the chemistry specialist.

P.S Beware of cheap copycats who claimed they are chemistry specialist.

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Lower Secondary Science Tuition

In Achievers Dream, we conduct group tuition for Sec 1 and Sec 2 students coaching them about lower secondary science tuition(all three sciences will be covered).
Our teachers are carefully selected to teach them advanced concepts (in an easy to understand manner) that they are going to learn in Sec 3 and 4.

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‘O’ Level Chemistry Tuition

In Achievers Dream, we conduct group tuition for Sec 3 to Sec 5 chemistry students for NA/Express/IP.
Ourchemistry tuition centrewill use materials carefully crafted by our curriculum team to help students prepare for school tests and national exams. We do not just simply ask the Chemistry Tuition students to do worksheets (like homework supervision). But, we teach them the accurate approach and answering technique to score Distinction.

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‘A’ Level Chemistry Tuition

In Achievers Dream, we conduct group tuition for JC 1 & JC 2 students for H2 Chemistry. Learning Chemistry can be that simple because our chemistry tutors make learning easier. We have a track record for 95% of JC students improved since they joined.

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Why Choose Us

Proven Track Record

95% of Chemistry Students Started D7, E8 & F9
91.3% Scored ‘A’ & ‘B’
Results speak for itself. But, it is better for us to assess if he/she is suitable for our programme.

MOE Teachers/Full-time Tutors

In Achievers Dream, our O level chemistry tuition centre in Singapore only hires MOE Teachers (NIE Trained) or full-time chemistry tutors only.

This is to ensure that they ‘know their stuff’ and deliver accurate facts to students. Also, we have our own curriculum to ensure the consistency of delivery.

Own Chemistry Curriculum Team (Plan ahead)

Many chemistry tuitioncentres claimed that they know how to teach chemistry.

Our lessons are prepared in advance such that we can teach ahead of the syllabus- so that it is easier for chemistry students to learn easier in chemistry classes.

We do not photostat from assessment books, and we take pride in creating our worksheets which stretch your child ability. Many of our ex-students love our Proprietary notes too as it can help them to cut short revision timing by 2x, and let them focus their time on application rather than rewriting notes/studying textbook.

(P.S if your child is ONLY rewriting notes or studying textbooks, chances are he/she will score C5 or worse - proven by statistics)

Top Class Learning Facilities

Our Classrooms are armed with the interactive SMART Board (it is like a Giant ‘iPad’ on the wall) to engage the different senses of learning to help your child learn better compared to a traditional whiteboard.

With chemistry students having a shorter attention span, we need to ensure that our lessons are interesting and our tuition for chemistry keeps up with technology to get your child’s fullest attention. Experience learning in Achievers Dream!

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I know that some of you want to ‘save some money by joining later’. The fact is that…

30% of our students who think the same way… They want to see how they perform for the next test and hope for the best. But, good teachers usually hit full capacity nearer to the end-of-year.

The earlier you start, the more for you to adjust and make mistakes. Face it. We learn by making mistakes. The more mistakes they make in the chemistry tuition centre, the fewer mistakes they make in exams. The question is would you rather give her more time to learn or CRAM everything in few short months?

Last minute revision stresses your child and makes learning dull and boring. We have been through it. Last minute studies just aren't as effective as planning and start revision earlier.

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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Our Ex-Students

Sean Ang

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) F9 to A1

I Scored A1 From F9

I really improved on my studies a lot since i joined Jerald, I have attended for quite sometime and i have improved really a lot. I'm glad I'm able to go score an A1 in Chemistry and go to my desired course in Poly.

Karen Hsu

CHIJ St Nicholas' Girls School F9 to B4

5 Grades Jump Within A Short Span Of Time

When I first joined the Achievers Dream, I was struggling in class. It was reflected in my class tests, and finally in my mid year exam too. I was so afraid that I'm going to fail chemistry because it is a compulsory subject I have to take in school and i do not want to fall behind in class. The turning point came when I met Jerald because I can feel his passion in teaching and benefiting from his materials as well as lessons. My Chemistry teacher was shocked that i made 5 grades jump within such a short span of time.

Eugene Goh

New Town Secondary F9 to B4

Leave Chemistry To Me, Go Study For Other Subjects

A very dedicated teacher indeed! It surprises me how well he remembered our names. I always remember what he said, "Leave Chemistry to me, go study other subjects". This gives me so much confidence and security to study other subjects.

Celeste Tan

Bukit View Secondary B4 to A2

I Score Full Marks For Explanation Questions...

I've definitely learnt a lot from Jerald not only in academics but also in life. He has taught me the power of the subcouscious mind and also take care of myself by eating healthy food. It's overall a great learning experience. Chemical bonding used to be my weakest subject and no matter how I write, I don't seem to give what my school teachers are expecting. After learning accurate answering techniques, I'm glad I can score full marks for explanation questions which eventually helped me score and A2 for 'O' Levels!