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Don't Take My Word For It...Hear From My Ex-Students

I Scored A1 From F9

I really improved on my studies a lot since I joined Achievers Dream’s O level chemistry tuition in Singapore, I have attended for quite sometime and I have improved really a lot. I'm glad I'm able to go score an A1 in Chemistry and go to my desired course in Poly.

Sean Ang
Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
F9 to A1

I Score Full Marks For Explanation Questions...

I've definitely learnt a lot from Achievers Dream’s O level chemistry tuition not only in academics but also in life. He has taught me the power of the subconscious mind and also take care of myself by eating healthy food. It's overall a great learning experience.

Chemical bonding used to be my weakest subject and no matter how I write, I don't seem to give what my school teachers are expecting. After learning accurate answering techniques, I'm glad I can score full marks for explanation questions which eventually helped me score and A2 for 'O' Levels!

Celeste Tan
Bukit View Secondary
B4 to A2

Leave Chemistry To Me, Go Study For Other Subjects

The best chemistry tuition in Bukit Timah indeed! It surprises me how well Jerald remembered our names. I always remember what he said, "Leave Chemistry to me, go study other subjects". This gives me so much confidence and security to study other subjects.

Eugene Goh
New Town Secondary
F9 to B4

Doing My School Papers Was So Much Easier

Thank you Achievers Dream for their help. My Chemistry result wasn't as good as what i have expected. I thought that being in MGS, the materials we did in school were tough. But after doing the question compiled by Achievers Dream, I found that doing my school papers were so much easier. I'm grateful to my chemistry tuition in Singaporethat i scored an A2 for Chemistry in O levels.

Kirstein Lie
Methodist Girl's School
C6 to A2

5 Grades Jump Within A Short Span Of Time

When I first joined the Achievers Dream, I was struggling in class. It was reflected in my class tests, and finally in my mid year exam too. I was so afraid that I'm going to fail chemistry because it is a compulsory subject I have to take in school and I do not want to fall behind in class.

The turning point came when I met Jerald for O level chemistry tuitionbecause I can feel his passion in teaching and benefiting from his materials as well as lessons. My Chemistry teacher was shocked that i made 5 grades jump within such a short span of time.

Karen Hsu
CHIJ St Nicholas' Girls School
F9 to B4


I Want My Child To Improve In Chemistry...
O level chemistry tuition Singapore

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Dear Frustrated Parent,

When you first see this page, you might be thinking to yourself. "Are you sure, Jerald?

Up to 42 marks improvement in just 3 months of O level chemistry tuition in Bukit Timah?"

My reply to you is "Yes, in just 3 months".

Let me first do a quick introduction about myself...

chemistry tutor Singapore

My name is Jerald Lie, Principal educator at Achievers' Dream and author of the local best-selling book The Secrets of High Achievers During Exams.

For the last 8 years, I'm proud to say that over 90% of my chemistry students achieved grade A's and B's in their exams.

Yes... Your eyes are not playing tricks with you....

90%... I've not only taught students from top schools like CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Anglo-Chinese School, St. Joseph's Institution, School of Science and Technology, Methodist Girls' School and many more...


What you have just seen just now are some of the success stories in my career...

If you would like also your child to have up to 42 marks improvement in Chemistry within 3 months, no matter how much he or she is struggling with the subject at the moment, scroll down and see this message...

O level chemistry tuition

In fact, the first success story that you read (Sean Ang) once confided in me, and told me that his teacher actually called him a "hopeless student" to the point that he actually believes what the teacher has said. Since then, whenever he has any doubts, he chose to keep quiet because he was so afraid to ask them.

But when he actually ACED his Chemistry Exams that year... His teacher sheepishly grinned and told him, "Well done, Sean," as he handed out the results.

So, you might wonder...

How Did Sean
Jump From F9 to A1?

O level chemistry tuition Singapore

I'm more than happy to share it with you...

Over the last 8 years teaching chemistry, I have found that out that there are 3 main problems students have when they don't score well in chemistry. Sean had all 3 of them.

Poor Foundation In Chemistry

Here's the first thing you must understand:

Chemistry is unlike other subjects where you have topics not linked to the rest.

Instead, each chemistry topic is actually deeply linked to the next.

To illustrate my point, just see the diagram below:

Achievers Dream - chemistry tuition in Singapore

Can you see how the topics are all linked together?

So when Sean first came to me, his teacher has already covered a quarter of the entire syllabus. When I realised Sean cannot do even do Topic #2, there and then I know why he struggled to learn the rest of the topics.

Similarly, that's to say if your child hasn't grasped Topic #4, then even if he puts in 100% effort to learn Topic #5 or #6, he will be facing a daunting uphill task.

But when your child identified what he is weak in (just like what I did for Sean) and work on those topics, he will be able to develop an unshakable Chemistry foundation. With a strong foundation, learning chemistry will be very enjoyable and good grades will be round the corner.


I Want My Child To Improve In Chemistry...
O level chemistry tuition

(Hurry Up As Spots Are Going Very Quickly)


Poor Answering Technique

After Sean understood those concepts he was unsure of, the next thing we worked on was answering technique.

Teachers are trained to look for certain structure while marking their scripts. In fact, Cambridge has come out with marking guidelines for these teachers to follow. If any of the components are missing, your child would just lose that mark even if he knows the concept.

For example,
Question: Why NaCl has a high melting point?

For students who are not taught to answer this, their answer would usually be all over the place. However, if we can highlight to them that this is the structure that teachers are looking for; their chances of scoring full marks will also be higher.

Answer: S-A-E-C

Structure - Giant ionic structure

Attraction - Electrostatic force of attraction between Sodium ions and chloride ions

Energy required - High energy is required to overcome this attraction

Conclusion - Therefore NaCl has high melting point

So, after I worked on his foundation and answering technique, I proceed to work on the 3rd problem I've identified.


Self-Defeating Mindset

The third problem about Sean is his self-defeating mindset. After failing Chemistry for the entire year, he has developed the mindset that "No matter how hard I try, I will still fail chemistry".

Such thinking is what i called "Learned Helplessness".

He is just like the adult elephant who stopped trying to escape after many failure attempts. The adult elephant was conditioned since young that if he attempts to escape, he will definitely fail because the rope is tied to a giant tree. So now, the elephant will stop trying to escape even though there is only a dummy rope tied to his leg.

So in order for Sean to do well, he has to learned that "the rope" is no longer tied to the tree and he can escape out of the zoo if he tries again with the help of a rescuer.

He needs someone to believe in him and encourage him to his goals.

So you will be thinking again, who are the other students who've benefited from our chemistry tuition in Bukit Timah?


Here's More PROOF
That You Can See For Yourself...

I Can Handle All Calculation Questions

My worst topic in Chemistry was Mole calculations. No matter how I calculate, I just cannot get the concept and answers. Jerald tackle it immediately and now I'm able to handle all kind of calculations questions thrown at me!

Ken Young
Hillgrove Secondary School
E8 to A2

Jerald's Dedication Made Me Work Harder...

Before coming to Jerald’s O level chemistry tuition in Singapore, I really hated Chemistry as I wasn't scoring well... The worst part is I cannot catch up in class and don't even dare to ask questions in class... But now, not only do I like it, I'm also doing well in Chemistry. Jerald's dedication and passion towards teaching made me work harder.

Alicia Tong
Yusof Ishak Secondary
D7 to B3

He Never Fail To Deliver What He Promises

O Level chemistry tuitionmakes makes Chemistry bearable, and almost fun because each lesson is carefully crafted to integrate past and future concepts. He never fails to deliver what he promises and tacke the essence of each Chemistry topic, and all his notes are really in-depth yet concise.

Nithvin Leelakrishnan
St. Joseph's Institution
C6 to A1

He Is Always Patient and Supportive...

Jerald tutored me in Chemistry and for someone who was almost hopeless in subject, he certainly helped me improve my grades immensely! Chemistry was quite intimidating for me but he made revision interesting and I really enjoyed lessons (despite the subject).

He is always patient and supportive with his students and I could tell that he genuinely wanted the best for them. I am really grateful for Jerald's chemistry tuition in Singapore in the subject especially when I approached him in a short period of time before my final examinations began. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their studies for his dedication and knowledge towards the subject.

Crystal Lee
Unit Secondary
F9 to B4

He Is A Patient, Sincere & Generous Teacher

I didn't really have an interest for Chemistry from the start because it's full of chemicals and lingos that I do not understand. But under Achievers Dream’s Sec 4 pure chemistry tuition, I jumped 3 grades within short period of time :) He is patient, sincere & generous and also provides good Chemistry materials. Highly Recommended!

Pamele Tan
Bukit View Secondary
D7 to B3


Here's What To Do Next

With your permission...

I'll show you how you too, can coax these top grades in chemistry out of your child without risking a single cent.

Here's my big bold promise to you:

And my confidence on how sure I can add value during the Free Chemistry Diagnostic Consult, I would give you $10 plus an additional $20 (to take Taxi home) if you find that I've wasted your time.

In my 10 years of careerteaching chemistry tuition in Singapore, no one has ever asked for a refund. I invite you to be the first.

Now that it is 100% risk-free for you.

The risk is all on me to produce results for your child.

All you have to do now, is book your no-obligations, Free Chemistry Diagnostic Consult with me when you naturally decide to click on the link below and we'll be able to explore in detail, the best course of action for boosting your child's grades.

I Want My Child To Improve In Chemistry...

(Hurry Up As Spots Are Going Very Quickly)

There isn't a catch if you're looking for one, but you're totally serious about boosting your child's grades, then you must act fast before someone else takes your spot.

You have absolutely nothing to lose with O level chemistry tuition in Singapore, and your child has a whole new world of achievement to gain.

The choice is yours.

To your child's academic excellence,
Jerald Lie,
Founder and Principal Educator Achievers' Dream

P.S. Just want to remind you that my FREE chemistry Diagnostic Consult is limited to only 3 a week, and it could be taken down anytime, depending on my schedule. So if you're serious about getting my input, please act fast and not miss out!

P.P.S Check out more raving reviews below!


Teach Ahead Of The Syllabus...

I'm glad I met Jerald. Right now studying Chemistry is a breeze for me because Jerald made the point to teach ahead of the syllabus such that when my teacher is going through these classes in class, I already know them. On top of that, I feel so good when I'm able to answer questions posed by my teacher especially when my entire class does not know how to answer them.

Jadon Ching
Hua Yi Secondary School
C6 to A1

Perfected The Way I Write My Answers

I have never expected that I'll score an A1 for my Chemistry. I'm taken aback and surprised by my own results. I not used to understand what is going on in class and even when I tried my best to study on my own, I still didn't score the marks I want to score. After attending Sec 3 pure chemistry tuition, Jerald made it a point to hone my answering techniques and perfected the way I write my answers. Thank you Jerald!

Claire Tay
CHIJ St. Nicholas' Girls School
C6 to A1

He Also Got My Son To Do Volunteering Works

Both my boys were taught by Jerald, he is really good not only in academic teaching but also very patience in handling these teenagers! He teaches, coaches and imparts his knowledge and life experiences to them. He also get my son to do volunteering works. I'm very thankful to know him and would like to wish him all the best and successfull in his future endeavours!

May Chan
Mother of Jet and Sean Ang

The Best Teacher In My 10 Years of Education

Achievers Dream offers an intense drilling exercise me when I'm given those challenging papers. You have been a very patient and dedicated teacher, the best I have had so far in my 10 years of education. Thank you Jerald.

Jordan Lim
Bukit Panjang Goverment High
F9 to B3

Chemistry Is One Of My Favourite Subject Now...

Learning was fun in O level chemistry tuition in Singaporeand the tutor was patient and did not hesitate to answer any of my doubts. Once hated chemistry but thanks to Jerald, Chemistry is one of my favourite subject :) My grades showed improvement and I highly recommend Achievers Dream.

Ling Jing Yi
Bukit View Secondary
C5 to A2

Top Quality Learning Materials

I got to hear about Jerald from my secondary school friend. Over the years, he has managed to collect top quality learning materials from various top schools and came out a version of his own. Initially I was failing so badly in Chemistry. However, after joining Jerald’schemistry tuition Singapore, I saw my grades picking up and eventually got an A2 for "O" levels, Jerald is very patient and encouraging. Recommended.

Alethea Cheng
Methodist Girls School
E8 to A2


I Want My Child To Improve In Chemistry...

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